Sunday, October 19

lacy scarf

lacy scarf
Originally uploaded by nana_pei.

I finally got around to knitting something from the new Debbie bliss magazine.
I thought I'd start off with Project 22 the" lacy scarf."
Of course I could’t find the recommended yarn so had to substitute it with a similar weight yarn.I had an old ball of Lion Brand Jiffy, kicking around so I used that. I will definitely make this scarf again, with a better yarn.


Toni said...

It's beautiful! I haven't seen the Debbie Bliss magazine yet, looking forward to it. I've been working on a lacy scarf myself using a local alpaca, but now am wondering if I have enough yarn to finish :(

peigirl said...

your scarf is just beautiful!!have an awesome day nana(hugs)

sweetp said...

Oh how gorgeous!

Toni said...

Just wanted you to know that I've given you the Kreativ Blogger's Award, visit me for details

Jennifer said...

I made the Lacy Scarf last winter! The pattern must've been in an earlier publication as well. Yours is beautiful!