Thursday, October 23

Tam /Beret

Like my model? :)

I made this Tam for myself using Patons decor, which I got for an excellent price at Leisure World, $2.99 for a 100g ball. I hope to make a matching pair of mitts with the remaining yarn.

Pattern: from # 752 the heads to toes book by Patons

Needles: 3.25 /US 3 and 3.75 /US 5.

Yarn: Patons Decor colourway: Rich Country Blue


Kelly said...

love it! Models not quite as cute as the owner of said Tam :)

sue said...

Love the tam and the model is cute.

Jennifer said...

Super model! Super tam too! That's so funny.

Shelley said...

Great hat! And the model is doing an awesome job!