Wednesday, November 19

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday KelliKelli on her 1st birthday (boy oh boy does Nate ever look like his Mommy)

Tomorrow is Nate's Mommy's 25th Birthday!
To a wonderful daughter, a loving wife, a fantastic Mom, and a great sister.
we are all blessed to have you in our lives.

go on over to her blog a wish her a Happy 25th Birthday

Love you Babe!


peigirl said...

wow how the time has passed I can remember the day you took her home like it was yesterday now she is all grown and such a wonderful young lady Kelli is you must be very very proud of her as well you should be just look at the handsome grandson you have!!have an awesome but rainy day nana (hugs)

peigirl said...

I tried to leave a birthday wish for Kelli but it wouldn't let me so please wish her a very happy birthday for me

Toni said...

Happy Birthday! Love the new blog look, am green w/ envy