Saturday, November 8

Lovin' this weather!

I can't believe how nice the weather has been here this week, temperatures in the mid to high teens, which is so unusual for this time of the year. I only had my heat on three or four times this fall. which is a very good on the fuel bill. The longer we can go without turning on the furnace the better. We were able to rake up the last of the fallen leaves, and clean up the doggies landmines. lol.
We have grand plans for the back yard this winter. We have a sloping hill in the yard which makes an excellent toboggan run. We're also planing to make a skating rink, which is something that depends entirely on the weather. When the girls were little, we made one every year, some years we had an awesome rink. And other years not so great! The winters lately have been unpredictable, we may have one week where it is cold and snowy and the next week it will be like spring, you never know what to expect.

On the knitting front... I've been very busy working on Cari's design and it's working out great. I'm also secretly working on Hub's Christmas present I have to in keep it hidden and only work on it when he's at work. and I started another pair of Newfoundland Mittens. This is a regional favourite that goes way back, I remember having a few pairs when I was younger. Now I don't know if it has ever been published? but I do know it is available online ! I've found a few sites that have the pattern. Balkan Style, Maggiknits and creative whimsy

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Lil Knitter said...

I love those mittens! I haven't seen those before and now I want some! :P

I hope the everything works out with Cari's job.