Sunday, November 16

what scares you?

One thing I've always wanted to knit is a pair of gloves, but being the scaredy cat that I am,
I never even tried.
So when one of my favourite people to knit for, asked me if I could make her a pair, I said I'd think about it.
Well last week, I had an uncontrollable urge to start the gloves. I found a clearly written pattern for gloves in the Heads to Toes booklet by Patons, the same booklet I used for mitts on 2 needles and the Tam. I know both these patterns turned out well for me, so I'm gonna give this one a try, Wish me luck,

I'm using this lovely Shetland Chunky tweeds I bought at Leisure World. The colour is called earthy brown, it's not the exact yarn the pattern calls for, but I guess patons doesn't make Shetland Chunky ragg K.W.anymore ? But according to this site it's the same weight so it should work out. (I did a swatch, and I got gauge!!! :)

I did a lot of gift knitting this week...
I started and finished... a pair of Newfies,,,, A Calorimetry with a pair of somewhat matching mittens. I can hear you saying, "the cuffs don't match ," but I think they're cool, and so will the recipient.

I made them with patons sws yarn bought at Leisure world. I seem to be shopping there a lot. It's a little more expensive but I've been a more than a little peed off with Michael's lately, I went in there with my 50% off coupon, thinking I could use it on some yarn, but every ball was marked down just enough so you couldn't use it! So I thought alright I'll use it on a magazine? not anymore! Michael's has put so many restrictions on the coupons there was not one thing I could use it on. (Sorry for the rant.)but really, why even bother giving out coupons at all.

Here's a new video of Nate making his Christmas Gifts this one is for his din-din!


peigirl said...

you are by no means a scaredy cat you go for it and I agree with you about Micheal's,to bad we didn't have more competition,the only way you can use your coupon is to look for something that is not on sale like in the baking isle.hope you have an awesome afternoon nana(hugs) and love the knitting

Nikki said...

Good luck, I can't wait to see them. I know what you mean about Michaels, it's the same here!

Becky said...

My lands! How did you get so blessed as to have such a precious grandchild?

Good luck on the gloves. I don't know that they scare me, but I think I'd be too impatient to do the fingers.

sue said...

Nice gifts that you knit. I hope the gloves turn out nicely too.

Toni said...

Can't wait to see the gloves, and I must tell you I love the video of Nate! Too cute

peigirl said...

can't get over the patients Nate has he is just a living doll!!way to cute have an awesome day nana(hugs)