Friday, December 12

Christmas preparations

I finished the baby-to-be Christmas Stocking, and I'm very pleased with it! I used the free pattern from Paton's website. You have to register for membership, but it's free and they have an excellent collection of patterns. The light in the house makes the colours appear black and white but it's actually cranberry and Aran. Perhaps if the sun decides to come out, I'll get a better shot!
Christmas preparations are in full swing, the tree is up and decorated. The baking is underway and the shopping is just about done, not that there was a lot of that being done this year.
I've been referring to it as an old fashioned Christmas. For years I've been trying to get away from the commercialism of the holiday and this year everyone seems to be on board, for the first time in years I'm really looking forward to the holiday.


Becky said...

That stocking is too cute! Love your tree, too.

Toni said...

You're tree looks lovely, carol, we just got ours today :) I love the stocking too and tell Nate his gingerbread house is fantastic!