Saturday, December 13

Fresh out of the oven

Scotch Cookies

The Wilton Gingerbread house kit, built by Nate with only a wee bit of help!

Teddy Grams

Christmas baking
Today was our annual "baking get together" it was a lot of fun! we didn't get it all done, so we made plans to finish up on Tuesday.
Finished today
Pecan Tarts
put off until Tuesday
Turtles we couldn't find one bag of caramels anywhere.

I've left links to the recipes just in case you want to make them!


Sonya said...

The ginger bread house is great.
Peanut butter balls, I love anything with peanut butter.

Becky said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to try some of those cookies. They look delicious! Thanks for the links.

Kelly said...

drools........ ohhh you've gotta stop with the baking pictures I want to eat them all. Definitely trying the pecan tarts once I get some shells.

Marie said...

Ohh, all your goodies look so delicious! I used to make a lot of the same, plus a gingerbread house every year when the kids were growing up. I don't dare make them now with only Todd and I around to eat them! I'd be as big as a duplex instead of as big as a house!