Monday, December 1

I want to start this post off by thanking you for the condolences. Our family appreciates each and every one. This past week has been a tough one and it's comforting to have your thoughts and prayers.
We're starting to get back to normal. I started to decorate the house this morning, everything except the tree, it will have to wait a week or two.
I started knitting again.
I thought I'd start back by knitting something brand new, A Christmas Stocking for the baby-to-be. I had Cari pick out the yarn, and I casted on this morning. I'm using a free pattern Simple Stripe Stocking by Patons. You must be a member, but membership is free and you get access to some fantastic projects. I'm using Patons Canadiana yarn, colours Cranberry and Aran. This is one fast project, I have 6" done already!

I think I'll hang it up on Christmas eve and see if old Santa will fill it full of baby needs. ;)

Edit to add this photo I just got of Nates with his new hair cut in front of his Christmas Tree.

He looks awesome.

photo credit Kelli


Sonya said...

Yes he does!

sweetp said...

I am so sorry for your loss xx

Ellen said...

Sorry to hear of your loss !

Nate is as always cute as a button!!

I love the stocking , you have such talant!!


peigirl said...

now is a handsome little man or what loveeeeeee the hair cut thank you Carol for the Beautiful tribute to Denny
love ya (hugs)