Sunday, December 21

Saturday Sky?

Nope it's actually Sunday Sky. I woke up this morning and saw this beautiful sky, and I just had to capture it! sorry about the ugly power line in the middle of the shot!

this is the view from the computer room window.

Red sky in morning ? well maybe... Environment Canada has just issued a winter storm warning and a storm surge warning for the Island! We take these very seriously. So I'm making preparation I'm making a thermos of coffee and the pantry is fully stocked with delicious goodies, thank to a full week of baking.

And I have a new project on the needles, after seeing and wearing "MY" new mittens,
Cari went out yesterday and bought the yarn for a pair. I love the colourway she picked out, patons kroy mulberry stripes, that girl has such a good eye! When I first made these mittens with sock yarn, I didn't think they would be very warm, but to my surprise they are. It has been very cold here the past few days, and they kept my hands toasty warm!
I used up some of the waste yarn on a Calorimetry
I followed the pattern exactly with the exception of needle size I went down to 4 mm and it fits perfect! I still have a lot of yarn left and Haley had a great suggested to use up the sock yarn so I'm adding this little guy to the queue.
Tomorrow is my 46th birthday, Wow I can't believe I'm that old... yuck! I may look older but I don't feel any older. No big plans to celebrate, just a small gathering... kids and hubby, cake and some take-out. but that's the way I want it!
Well I'm off to watch Coronation street and knit! have a great Sunday!


Toni said...

Happy Birthday, Carol! I love the new blog look. Had been thinking about using cutest blog on the block myself

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Carol!! Hope it's the best ever and that you are not storm stayed and stuck in your home all day! I LOVE Corry Street!!! It's my absolute fav show. Mind you we are about 6 month ahead over here. We get 5 episodes a week.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday!

Kelly said...

I was the same way with my sikkim hat being made of sock yarn but it IS sooo warm, warmer than my gretel I think.
Good luck with the storm! I love storms, can't wait to see if we actually get the 40cms

Anonymous said...

Your new blog design is really pretty! Hope you get through the storm okay. It seems like it's cold and stormy everywhere!

Cari said...

Happy birthday to the Best Mom and Best friend EVER!!!!! I love you soooo much! xoxoxox