Monday, December 22

Snow day!!!

We got it and are still getting it . We're snowed in and I don't think it's going to get better anytime soon! all snow plows have been called off the roads. the Weather warning has been continued for the rest of the day. Other than that, I'm having a great Birthday!

The drift of snow at the backdoor

backyard snow falling and blowing!Cari had planed on taking me out for lunch, so I didn't bother getting anything in.
She decided to make up Mozza Sticks ,the latest thing that she's been craving.
Wow they were yummo!!!.
Light and crispy and not at all greasy! great job Cari!

We haven't lost power yet! and here's hoping we don't. I'm off to watch "A Christmas Story" now hope you all enjoy the rest of the day. Happy Hanukkah!!


Bev said...

Looks as if you are enjoying your Birthday, Carol.

To be snowed in, watching A Christmas Story, sounds heavenly. Happy Birthday.

Kelly said...

its a wonderful snowy birthday!!!!
Have a good one!

Becky said...

Wonderful snow! I'm glad you're having a great birthday! Those mozzarella sticks look delicious.

peigirl said...

Happy Birthday Sis,called you but no answer will drop by when the roads clear hope you had a great day
love ya (hugs) shirley

Marie said...

LOoks like you had a wonderful birthday regardless!! Those mozzarella sticks look fantastic! Well done! Thanks for the snow pictures. I really do miss it at this time of year!