Thursday, January 1

global warming ?????

New year... new storm!!! and that's all I'm going to say about that!!!

On to the good stuff... It's time for New Year's resolutions again!!!
There's a reason why I don't normally make them, 'cause I have such a hard time keeping them. case in point last year I resolved to...

1.Spend More Time with Family & Friends...I failed,I'm not making any excuses "my fault"

2.Learn Something New...I failed

3.Get Organized- passed you should see my closets...I Passed

4.Reduce Stress...I failed

5.Move more...Eat less...I failed see #4.

6.Knit at least once a day...I Passed.

7.Drink more water... and less pop...I failed PEI lifted a 30 year old, ban on the can which gave us cheaper pop!

8.Walk more... Use car less...I Passed but only because of high gas prices!=Passed

9.Read more... watch less television ...Well I watch less TV, but I replaced it with knitting

3.5 out of 9 ouch!!!
So this year I'm going to work on my failures and...

1.Spend More Time with Family & Friends- They just might get sick of me!

2.Learn Something New- I'm going to learn how to sew.

3.Reduce Stress- this one maybe hard!

4.Move more...Eat less. I plan on walking the dog in the morning and in the evening

5.Before grabbing that can of coke I just have to remind myself the water is better for my health

6.Read more...I already bought myself a couple of books with my Christmas cash!

So what's yours?


Becky said...

Good luck on your resolutions in 2009! I don't usually make resolutions myself.

Christy J said...

Happy new year - may it be much better for you and your loved ones. You have some fine resolutions. Good luck! I'm resolving again to exercise more, knit from the stash, finish some UFOs, and read some more literate books instead of just mysteries.

Ellen said...

Good luck on the resolutions !! I bet you'll be able to put a pass mark on all of them when you post them in 2010 !

May 2009 bring you and your loved ones lots of Peace, Health, Wealth and Happiness !

Marie said...

Brrr...your pictures make me feel cold!!! I do miss snow from time to time over here, but not that much! lol I don't make resolutions coz I always break them. I just try to do better each year in whatever I am doing.
Happy New Year to you and yours!