Monday, January 5

Boy??? or Girl???

I think I may have mentioned this before, but here On PEI when you're having a baby the ultrasound techs are not allowed to tell you the gender of the child, and if you wanted to know before the delivery, you had to go to the mainland /Halifax, to find out.

Well a few months ago a private clinic open up in Charlottetown where you can go to find out the gender of your baby. That is where we'll be tonight Cari has an appointment for a 3D ultrasound!

I can't wait! I'm gonna guess a girl!

Take a look at the nursery and try to guess what Mommy and Daddy think they're having ?

They painted the nursery last week! isn't it cute?

I'm so excited!!! can't wait to start knitting all those little Pink dresses???


Haley said...

That is so strange that the ultrasound techs won't tell you. Ours labeled the ultrasound with "boy?" and an arrow to his little male parts. Of course, legally they had to put the question mark, but the tech was very confident that he was a boy. anyway, can't wait to find out the news! my sister-in-law finds out next week and i'm SO excited.

Becky said...

That is strange that they can't tell you. I had my baby when I was in the Navy, and they told me right away. Well, they asked first if I wanted to know, then they told me.

Be sure and let us know what it is!

Marie said...

My daughter in law had one of those 3d ultrasounds and it was so fascinating to see the little fella ahead of time. They live in Moncton but were in Summerside when they had their first baby. I was born in Summerside myself. Our new grandson should arrive this Friday and I can't wait.