Friday, January 16


In the past month Islanders have witnessed wild weather swings, from mild days to freezing temperatures and blinding blizzards.
I know you're saying, well it's cold here too! and I hear you. I'm usually not bothered by the cold and I can put up with the piles and piles of snow, I am Canadian, but this year, I just don't know... maybe it's my age starting to show, but all I want to do on day like this one, is to stay in my PJ's and go back to bed, pull the blankets over my head and stay there until May.

The weather forecasters say, the frigid temperatures should continue through to the end of the weekend.
Right now the thermometer is reading -22 °C/-8 °F but it feels more like
-32 °C/-26°F that is cold no matter how you say it!!!!

You'd think with this beautiful sunny sky it would warm things up??? well it hasn't.

I don't think I'll be going outside today. They're warning people to stay indoors if at all possible! besides I doubt the car would start.
I'd love to tell you that with all this cold weather, I was able to make progress on the baby blanket ? Well, I made several mistakes and had to rip back. I'm so easily distracted. I'll be so glad once I can memorize this pattern!


Becky said...

Brrrr! It's cold everywhere. Even down here in the hot and humid South, it's only supposed to get up to freezing today. I'm trying very hard to convince myself that I really do need to go grocery shopping, but without much luck so far.

Marie said...

Believe it or not I miss the cold temps and snow of a Canadian winter . . . mind you it would probably be a lot different if I was actually experiencing it! Your knitting pattern looks lovely!

Margaret said...

I'm originally from N.B. and I know how cold cold can be in Atlantic Canada. lol And that's coooold! ;) Brrrr!!!

Beautiful blanket pattern, btw. :)