Sunday, January 11

Goal #2

I scored my 2nd goal in my quest for a hat trick for the JANUARY HAT TRICK! knitalong . My model Cari went home for the weekend after being stormed in at my place since New Years day so I had to rely on my old vase to model the hat!

The pattern for this great hat was published in Family Circle Easy Knitting, Winter 2003/2004.
I know this magazine is no longer available, what a shame, it was my favourite! I used all the yarn that I got for my birthday I made 3 projects from it A pair of slippers, The toboggan hat and this ear flap hat!
Needle: 5.5 mm
Yarn:MacAusland’s 3-ply 166 yds Colorway :pink tweed
MacAusland’s 3-ply 83 yds. Colorway :blue tweed


Toni said...

Absolutely LOVE the hat. I wonder if pattern can be found online?

Marie said...

I love that hat too!!! I wish I could knit!