Monday, January 12

Hat trick completed...

I spent my weekend watching Nate.
Hub and I volunteered to watch Nate, While his parents had a mini getaway.
He kept us busy!!! always on the go, stopping only long enough to watch a newly discovered 101 Dalmatians video cassette that he found while snooping in the hall closet. He spotted it, along with all the other Disney classics we had stored away.
I put the tape in for him and he didn't move from in front of the TV until it was over. And when it was over he said, "That was the best show ever!" He watched it three more times throughout weekend.
Thank heavens for that tape it allowed me some precious knitting time! in that time I started and finished my final hat for the KAL. I made a pattern that Pixie Purls has on her blog. She used a beautiful hand spun, I used the yarn that Santa stuffed in my Christmas stocking! a lovely SWS, colourway Natural Slate.

Cari was in for a minute this morning before she went to work, I asked her to model it for me. and as soon as she tried it on she claimed it for herself. So when I get a chance I'll make another one for myself.


Becky said...

Love the hat. Congrats on finishing the KAL.

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say I have a soon-to-be 17 year old who can do that exact same look!!