Wednesday, January 28

I won...I won!!!

I was returning home late this afternoon and just got in the door, when phone started ringing.
I picked it up and on the other end was a voice asking if this was Carol? Yes I said,what can I do for you? The voice said this is June from Sobeys.... Oh no I left my bank card at the supermarket? No, she replied, I'm just calling to let you know you won one of our contests!

I did? Yes, you won a Nintendo Wii and a game. No way!!! I don't even remember filling out any ballots? No it was one of those automatic contests, where you're entered just by using your air miles card!
I can't wait until the kids come over and show me how to use it!!! lol.


Maryse said...

Awesome! Have fun with the games!

Kelli said...

We'll have to take the "horseshoes" nickname away from Cari and give it to you!

Becky said...

Wow! Congratulation! What a fantastic prize! Have fun with it.