Wednesday, January 14

Pure White Pleaser

I started Dylan's Baby Blanket yesterday, and although I'm not a huge fan of lace knitting, It's not looking all that bad!

This is approximately 2hrs worth of knitting.
I'm sure once I become familiar with the pattern, I will be able to knit faster. Hopefully it will be finished before he's born!

Cari picked out the pattern from Leisure Arts #3219, Our Best Knit Baby Afghans(ravelry link) book. she had originally wanted the Sunny Cables and Crowns (ravelry link)but she thought it was a little too girlish.

Pattern: Pure White Pleaser (ravelry link)by Jean Lampe
Needles 4.0 mm
Yarn :Bernat Softee Baby
Colorway :baby denims
Started: January 13,'09


Becky said...

The blanket is looking great!

Anonymous said...

It looks so dainty!

nj said...

Your handicraft is excellent.