Saturday, February 21

The Butterfly Award

Lovely Shelley over at Kitten Knits Yarn made my day by presenting me with the Butterfly Award - For the coolest blog I know. It is truly an honor to be included among some other very cool and interesting blogs that I have also been reading.

Why not pass on the love? Here is what to do:

1) Post the award’s logo on your blog

2) Add the link to the person who nominated you

3) Nominate at least 6 others & post their links. I am passing on this award to:

Haley ~ labor of love

Marie ~ A Year From Oak Cottage

Gabriella ~ SweetP Knits

Maryse ~Anyone Can Knit

Susan ~ Janna knits

Becky~ Fine Martial Fiber

Kelli~ Kelli's Blog

Cari~ Baby Chronicles

Casey~thinking mama.

Toni~raising eden

Margret~ knitwits-and-yarn-tales


Becky said...

Thanks Carol. I'm honored.

Maryse said...

First, congratulations for the award for your blog! And thank you so much for the honor. That's my first award since I came back to blogging! Have a great day!

sweetp said...

Thank you so much!!!

Marie said...

Thanks so much Carol! I am honored that you would think so much of me. I can see I am in good company!

Toni said...

Thanks so much Carol!