Thursday, February 26

Classic Cardigan

Pattern-Classic Cardigan Published in Essential Baby
Size-0-3 months
Needle 2.75-mm-/3.25 mm
Yarn-Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino-2 skeins
Colorway -340202-Blue-green
Started-Feb 21 09
Completed-Feb 26 09
just have to add the buttons, then it's ready for Dylan thought it would be nice to have Cari pick out the buttons for it! This yarn was a real pleasure to work with and I still have plenty left over for booties and a hat and yes he'll need a hat, in my opinion it's still too cool in April for a baby to go without!

Now for the month of March I will be only knitting on the baby blanket. Cari made me promise that I'll be finished before he arrives so from now and until it's done, it will be my only project... wish me luck!!!


peigirl said...

the sweater is just adorable,and you don't need an luck in knitting you knitting is beautiful and the blanket will be just as beautiful as all the others!!have an awesome day nana (hugs)

Cari said...

Looks Great Mom! Dylan is so lucky to have a Nana to make him such a beautiful sweater. 56 Days left!!!!

Haley said...

The sweater is adorable! Cari and Dylan are lucky to have you. Hope you enjoy your baby blanket knitting.

Haley said...

Finally got around to the butterfly award post and am awarding it back to you:

Maryse said...

Very cute little cardi! Enjoy knitting the blanket. I'll be following this. It gives me ideas.