Monday, February 16

I watch TV and I'm not ashamed.

You might not be aware of this but I love TV, and Sunday seems to be the best night on television, at least for me At 8pm I watched the Mentalist, If you haven't seen this yet I recommend it! if only to watch Australian hotty Simon Baker. and 9pm was the return of
The Amazing Race hosted by another hunk from down under... to be more accurate Phil Keoghan is from New Zealand close enough, I love... love... love this show.
Hub and I joke all the time that someday we'll audition for the show!

Then at 10 pm I had a huge dilemma, do I watch Big Love and tape Desperate Housewives or vice-versa, but that was quickly resolved when Cari asked me to tape desperate housewives so she could watch it today after work!

With all that great TV on last night I had plenty opportunity to work on my socktopus. In fact I finished it! I had my doubts about this lil' cutie but I think I like him, and I learned a new technique, the W&T which until this project I had never heard of before and you can see the difference between the first and last leg that I finally caught on to it! (hehehe)

socktopus pattern I want to thank Haley for suggesting this pattern to me and agreeing to have a kal with me it was fun


Margaret said...

I give a definite thumbs up to Socktapus! He's very cute. Not as cute as Simon Baker, mind you. ;)

For me, I like the medical/forensic stuff on TV. So, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Criminal Minds and such. The fun stuff. lol

knitterbynature said...

Love the Socktapus!

Paula said...

Love your soctapus! Reminds me of Hockey--during the playoffs in detroit--people throw them on the ice for luck. (tradition). the six leg represent the original 6 teams in the nhl!