Sunday, February 15

A weeks worth of knitting?

I had very little time for knitting this week! I had a little visitor for most of the week and he kept me busy, I only managed to log about 4 hours worth of knitting!

I was able to make another leg on Socktopus, I think I have a handle on the W&T...I think?

I love the long stocking that Haley made for hers so much, that I stole the idea and made one on mine.

No knitting done on Dylan's blanket or sweater, and time is a tickin' Cari only has 10 weeks left!

saw this, and just knew I’d have to make it for Hubby (who’s the biggest Doctor Who fan I know)to add to his Valentine's prezzie he love it! Dalek Cloth free pattern

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Shortly said...

How freakin' cute is that dalek cloth?? Oh, if only my DS (11) were old enough to appreciate that!