Saturday, March 28

Look I've already starting knitting

Thanks everyone we are very excited indeed!

I have even started knitting for gb#3, I started a baby blanket, I picked the pattern and the yarn and so far so good.

We won't know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, Kelli and Mike want to wait.

So whatever I knit for gb#3 will be in gender neutral colours, but I don't want to make every thing in white. I don't have any sweater set in mind yet! it has to be pretty enough for a girl but not so much that you wouldn't wear it on a boy? if that makes sense? It could be a fun challenge. I'll probably end up knitting two sets, a boy set and a girl set! If you have any suggestions on a gender neutral baby sweater set, please share with me! :)


Rebecca said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to have grandchildren someday. I will watch with anticipation as you decide which gender-friendly sweater to knit!

R a i n said...

Congratulations! The blanket looks lovely so far!

sweetp said...

Congrats!! How exciting for you.

Peapod baby sweater?

Haley said...

Congrats! I have a sweater pattern that I inherited from my grandmother that my mom has made for all of her grandchildren (5 boys and 3 girls). it's a cardigan with a little cable on the raglan yoke. it's the one that J is wearing in the picture at the top of my blog. we usually make them in white and they all get worn A LOT. anyway, it uses fingering or DK weight yarn (I've used the same yarn you are using for this blanket and it works well). If you want the pattern, let me know and I can make a copy for you--I don't think it's in print anymore.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the growing family! how about knitting a simple sweater and then embroidering simple flowers on it later if the baby is a girl?

Wendi said...

I remember thinking that the diamond stitch baby sweater from Interweave knits a few years back would be a great gender neutral one.