Monday, April 6

Any day now ...

Any day now ...that's what the Doctor told Cari, the baby has dropped into the birthing position and she could go into labour any day now. So as you can imagine we are all very excited. She is ready in every way, her bags are packed, diapers bought, nursery finished, car seat installed in the car!
She has invited me to be in the delivery room. I hope I don't make a fool of myself, I have the batteries charged, an empty memory card in my camera, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. So we're just waiting on Dylan now! I predict April 10th.

Kelli and Mike made it to Montreal. They'll be sight seeing today before taking in the game tonight. One of their lifes desires is to see the Montreal Canadiens play in person.
We are looking after Nate, who has been an absolute angel, so far... goes to bed right at bed time and stays there until morning, eats every meal that's put in front of him, does whatever I ask him to do, so easy to take care of.

Not a whole lot of time to knit, but I have been seeking out patterns. So many sweet baby patterns, so little time!


Anonymous said...

very exciting! I wish her a safe, and speedy birth!

Becky said...

OH boy! I can't wait for baby pictures!

Haley said...

How exciting! Oh--and I Love the new pictures at the top of your blog--very nice!