Tuesday, April 28

It's good to learn from ones mistakes right?

Well I made quite a few while knitting the February lady sweater
mistake #1 I didn't have size 5mm circulars so I used 5.5mm!

mistake #2 the yarn choice if you can call this crap yarn, it wasn't a bargain at .33 cents it was uneven the colour was faded in parts,the twist was off thick in parts and so thin in others way too many knots throughout the ball. Last night while I was knitting I came across 4 knots in a 63"length. Working with this yarn was just plain frustrating!

mistake #3 the size I chose to make was size Large, but in combination with the wrong sized needles, it was working out to be a size XL,! So I came to the realization that it just wasn't working out for me, so I ripped the entire thing out. If I'm going to take the time to make this beautiful sweater, then I'm going to want to wear it right?

I put the pattern away and will be on the lookout for just the right yarn that will be worthy of this pattern!


Sonya said...

Good call. If you had finished it, it would have just irritated you every time you looked at it.

Peg said...

I have knit this sweater twice, and I agree - knit it with a nice yarn. The second one was knit with a bamboo - not keen on bamboo without an added fibre to give it some body. The buttonholes stretched and it gets rather limp after washing - that may be great in some garments, but I don't care for it. The one I knit with 100% wool behaves well.
I have plans to knit another, maybe soon!
We lived in Summerside for six years back in the late 1970s and loved PEI. I am originally from NS, but now have settled in BC.
Congrats on your grand babies!

R a i n said...

Oh my, the downside of cheap yarn. Hope you find a better yarn choice soon.

Anonymous said...

Better to quit now than ending up with a sweater you don't want to wear! I hope you find some nice yarn soon

Haley said...

sounds like you learned a lot :). every so often i have those projects too. i'm going to knit myself the petal halter (from interweave knits spring 09). i was going to use stash yarn even though the gauge was off. after reading your post, i think i'll try to find a better yarn. not sure if my math skills are up to the challenge of playing with gauge and my plan to just hope it turns out okay doesn't sound so hot anymore.