Friday, April 24

Thank you!

Thanks everyone for all the congratulations and well wishes, Cari & Dylan are doing great and are coming home today! I know she is really looking forward to getting home.

The hospital has visiting restrictions in place, immediate family only and one visitor at a time, So the only company she's had, has been the the grandparents and Jason.

She is looking forward to having the rest of the families and friends visit with her and the baby.

Cari has settled into her new role as mommy beautifully, I am amazed by her! She makes me so proud!


Christy J said...

I just got back from Arizona. So happy to see your beautiful new grandbaby arrived safely. Congrats to all!

R a i n said...

Awww..he's a cutie. Congratulations.

quiltsalot3 said...

What a Blessing, thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!