Sunday, April 19

The waiting game!

I've been getting a few emails asking if my grandson has decided to make an appearance yet, unfortunately the answer is, no not yet, and I'm alright with that! after all his due date is 5 days from today. His Mommy on the other hand is growing impatient. If only the doctor hadn't told her to prepare herself for Dylan to be born on the 12th. She would have been fine with the 23rd
Oh well, he'll come when he's ready!

Fingers crossed for Cari that it won't be much longer!


Maryse said...

I thought that the good news was coming today (I've been thinking that since a few past posts) ;-) Like you say, he'll come when he's ready! I look forward to see the progress of your February Lady! Have a great week!

R a i n said...

Dylan's such a nice name.

33 cents a ball? That's a steal.

peigirl said...

what a deal on the yarn,tell Cari to just hang in there it won't be long now maybe today!!hope you have a great day nana(hugs)

Wendi said...

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering if he was here yet!