Sunday, May 31

February in June- Lady sweater progress

I'm swimming right along with fls #2. I had a lot of time on my hands lately with nothing much to do except knit! (aren't you jealous?lol) but seriously, this one seems to be knitting up so much faster, I think it might be the cotton ease yarn, it seems to glide so nicely across the needles, or maybe it's because I have the pattern memorized, or both. Whatever the reason, I'm really loving knitting this one!
Jason's step mom is having a baby shower for Dylan at Cari's place this afternoon, and what a beautiful day for it! nice and sunny and not too hot!
Gull lace close up


R a i n said...


Cari said...

Cannot wait to wear to :D

Anonymous said...

Will you knit me one next? ;) i can't believe you got nice yarn for 99 cents! what a deal!