Monday, May 4

February lady sweater "second attempt"

Well I think I found the yarn for the February lady sweater!

Yesterday I went to the North River flea market and there was a table of bakery items and a few knitted baby sweaters and bags of yarn,
I picked up this one bag that was filled with a dark red yarn, I opened it up and smelled it, The lady look at me smiled and winked, and said "it comes for a smoke-free home dear",
I asked if she knew what it was, and she told me that it was Patons worsted and it was probably 5 years old, there's maybe 6 skeins in that bag and you can have it for 6 bucks! it looked all right to me, no bad odor, in fact it smells brand new! The colour is still vibrant, so I said what the heck, sure, why not!
I told her what I had in mind for it and she made me promise to come back and show her when I was done! I'm here every week!
When I got home and looked through the bag, I notice that she put 3 patons patterns booklets and 2 pairs of 4mm needles in there!

I started on the sweater as soon as we finished lunch and I must say "I lovin' it"

The colour doesn't show very well in this picture, the actual colour is a deeper red

So wish me well with it! So far so good!


Maryse said...

This pattern seems like a lot of fun! I want to knit it one day!

sue said...

It looks great so far. Lucky you, she must have known you were a kindred spirit.

R a i n said...

Oh wow lucky you! Good luck for this FLS.

Haley said...

looks lovely! did you go and get the right size needles too?

Corinne said...

I am sure it will come out just beautiful!
It looks as though all your knitting looks GREAT!
I wish I could knit sooo wonderfully as you!
I am trying hard to get through a pair of toddler mittens from a pattern in a Zoe Mellors pattern book.

quiltsalot3 said...

Isn't it wonderful when you find good things at a yarn sale/ flea market!!! When its knitting stuff its even better!!! I think you have the right yarn this time! It looks great!
I am also making a FLS and I am not sure of my yarn choice...

Carol said...

Thank you guys you're fantastic!
@Maryse you should knit one!
@ Sue and Rain thanks,
@ Haley, yes I finally found the right size at walmart.
@Corinne, you flatter me and made me blush,Thank you,
@ Darlene we should have a knit a long!!!