Wednesday, May 6

Getting back in shape

Okay I'll be the first to admit it, I've put on a few pounds with Cari's pregnancy, and although she's almost back to her pre-pregnancy self, I'm not (lol). No seriously, for years I maintained my weight through walking, I would walked everywhere, I'd take the dog for walks twice a day, I'd walk to the mall, to the library, the grocery store,

But over the winter I have become especially lazy, the car was used for a quick jaunt to the store, the days were so cold that it was easier to just put the dog out back, rather than walk her, her walks became less frequent and by the end of the winter it was not at all.

I really wanted to get back into the walking routine,and with the better weather returning I decided that the time was now! I thought I'd gradually ease myself into it by taking angel on our usual walk, and to be honest with you it almost did me in. I didn't even make it half way! My feet were sore and legs and back ached. When I got home, I asked hubby what has happened to me, I use to walk that walk at least twice a day? He sympathized with me and said he's been feeling out of shape lately too. and that the next time I went out he'd come along with me to encourage me to finish the walk .

We started on April 27th, and a buddy makes all the difference.
We left our house walked all the way to old Brighton, and then continued to walked the boardwalk in Victoria Park, then back home again, I was sore, but not as sore as before,

Monday marked a week of walking everyday, and I feel so much better, only my feet ache and I think a new pair of trainers will fix that! I'm also thinking about getting a pedometer.

Hubby works swing shifts and he goes back to work tomorrow so the true test on how serious I am, will be then.

Here are a few shots from yesterday's walk

Brighton Road The Brighton Beach Lighthouse

I love this house

My place... if only.. This is The Irving Mansion!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures of grand baby #3 to show off, Kelli gets the ultrasounds pics today! Can't wait to see the lil' sweetie


peigirl said...

I know the feeling about getting into the walking routine,this pass winter ,,well you know, I also have started to take maggie for her walks it does feel better I am sure you will do great maybe I will see you on the boardwalk,love the pictures hope you have an awesome day!!(hugs)
will Kelli know the sex of the baby?

Margaret said...

The hardest part is getting back at it again. We do get out of shape quickly, don't we. lol (Speaking from experience here - am in the same boat as you). Keep at it, you'll be feeling better in no time at all. You have a good background of walking regularly and it won't take long for your body to get back to where it was.

Maryse said...

Congratulations! I started running 3 weeks ago. I will do the 10km with a friend at work at the Montreal Marathon in September. I already feel much better too! Great photos! The view is spendid!

Ellen said...

Good for you for getting back at it!!
I have made a plan for myself as well.
I finish work this week and then the end of next week we are going to Toronto to visit Kevin (driving up this time).. So once I get back I am taking the last week of may to set a schedule for myself for walking the dogs, using my wii fit and getting back to Vibe. So I'll be joining you on the journey of getting back to healthy on June 1st :)

Keep up the good work !! and the pictures are beautiful!!

R a i n said...

Oh my, you live in the most beautiful neighbourhood ever!

quiltsalot3 said...

Carol you are walking in a very lovely neighbourhood! The pictures are beautiful! But we are lucky here on the Island every where is beautiful! Good luck with your walking it sounds like you are off on the right foot! hehhehe!


Wendi said...

I'm trying to get out every morning to walk as well, I used to take the kids several times a week, but that was at a much slower pace. I'm tired on hanging on to 15 pounds of baby weight. (Although if I can lose even 10 I'll be happy!)