Friday, June 12

Eye candy Friday

Tomorrow Hubby will celebrate his 54th birthday!

Happy Birthday Babe!

Din-din, Dylan and Nate...

Din-din is a name Nate gave his Granddad when he was learning to talk, and he still calls him this to this very day!

Also born on this date

1986 Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen, twin actress, Michelle-Full House

1954 Jorge Santana, rocker, Malo

1953 Tim Allen, comedian,

1951 Richard Thomas,John Boy-Waltons,

1951 Stellan Skarsgard,actor, Breaking the Waves

1943 Malcolm McDowell, actor, Clockwork Orange

1926 Paul Lynde, comedian, Uncle Arthur-Bewitched

1918 Ben Johnson,actor, Dillinger

1903 Harold “Red” Grange, “Galloping Ghost” of football

1892 Basil Rathbone actor, Sherlock Holmes

Sad to say I won't be attending knitting in public this year, birthday festivities comes before knitting!

I hope it is a well attended event, and I'll try and pop by to say hi!

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peigirl said...

happy belated birthday to you Daune!!hope you had a great day love the picture of him with the grands.