Wednesday, June 17

FLS the third

I wonder how the wwkip went? I went by but couldn't see any knitters :(can you believe it? I didn't knit a single stitch on Saturday! but I more than made up for it on Sunday, I spent all afternoon on Kelli's FLS. This is the third FLS in succession, I'm trying to do each one a little different than the one before, with this one I'm making a stocking stitch yoke with one button, instead of the garter stitch, and I prefer it this way!
Needle US 8 / 5.0 mm
Yarn-Lion Brand Cotton-Ease

Hubby had a great birthday. We took him to the olde Dublin pub it was fantastic!

Hub had the steak, and I had the fish 'n' chips, not too good for my diet but oh so yummy!

Nate was the only one I could get a picture of the rest knew it would end up on the blog... hehe

I got some great pics of the boys this is my favourite one! Nate is feeling more comfortable around Dylan, he was a little frightened of him at first, but the more he sees him the more relaxed he becomes.
I love this shot of their feet!
Dylan is growing so fast ...he started to roll over! Cari has a cute video on her flickr

Today is going to be a hot one here, so it's going to be a day full of water fights and wadding pools should be fun!


peigirl said...

I love the st.stitch, love the pictures of Nate and Dylan hope you have an awesome day Carol it is going to be beautiful. (hugs)

Haley said...

love the color of Kelly's FLS. love the adorable pics of your boys. too cute!

Tammy said...

There is just something about babies feet isn't there! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Now you have gotten yourself quite the pair of sweet grandsons!