Thursday, June 25

sewing out of necessity

Cari has been wanting a head support for Dylan's car seat.
The hospital don't recommend using the head support that comes with the car seat. She had been using two rolled up receiving blankets tucked on either side of his little head but they would come loose and his head would flop to one side. So last night I broke out the sewing machine, and Cari and I made one. It was very simple, we just used 2,10"x 12" piece of flannel fold in half sewed the ends together and made 3" pockets stuffed it and sewed it shut.

and on the knitting front... I'm almost done of the body on Kelli's FLS, just 6 more pattern repeats and then the border, I'm loving the fact that I no longer need to have the pattern in sight to knit! which means I can work on it anywhere anytime!

Today will be filled with doctor appointments. Dylan has his first set of immunisation needles today not going to be fun!!! And Kelli has to go back for the 2 hour glucose test, she was just over 7.8 So she has to be re-tested. I hope she doesn't have gestational diabetes.

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