Sunday, July 19

The Cable Raglan Baby Cardigan

I started a new project this weekend for Grandchild #3 The Cable Raglan Baby Cardigan

My dear blogger pal Haley surprised me with everything I need for this project,the pattern, the yarn, and 2 sets of buttons! Thanks Sweetie :).
So far I'm lovin' this pattern and this yarn is so yummy! I'll have to find out the name of the book in which this pattern was published!
Today is our "anniversary eve" no big celebrations, just having the Kids and the munchkins over for a barbecue later on this afternoon.
Hubby starts his Summer vacation on Wednesday. We decided to have a "staycation holiday at home" and do all the tourist stuff right here! checking out all attractions that the Island has to offer! I think it will be fun!

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Haley said...

glad you are enjoying the pattern. i will have to check with my mom to see if she has the original book or just a copy of that pattern. i can't remember. i just know she got it from her mother.