Wednesday, July 22

going on a mousehunt

Today we went on a mouse hunt !

The City of Charlottetown has placed 9 bronze mice statues at different historical landmarks in the city, you're given a list of clues and are invited to find the mice hidden around the city at various heritage locations beginning at Founders Hall and ending at the big clock at City Hall.

The game is based on David Weale’s children’s book The True Meaning of Crumbfest and focuses around the book’s main character Eckhart.
it's a cute and fun way to learn about Charlottetown’s heritage

The first mouse was in front of Founders' Hall
The Second mouse was at The St Dunstan's Basilica
The third was found at Province House

The forth was outside the Library

the Fifth one At Sims Restaurant
Donald McIsaac erected this beautiful three storey brick building in 1862-1864 on Sims Corner, so called because the property had been in the possession of Thomas and Charlotte Alchorn Sims from 1806.The most colourful owner and occupant of the building was Mr. P.P. Gillis, who ran the “Red Pharmacy” between 1895 and 1910.A drug-store in the front half of the building and a reputed conviviality shop in the rear, proved very popular with local businessmen while prohibition was in effect. This location has also been a large family home, apartments and a barber shop.
the sixth at the Merchantman Pub
The Merchantman Pub is located in the historic Carvell building, named after the Carvell Brothers who owned and operated a wholesale business in this location from 1862 to 1976.
The building was built in 1856 by James Peake, who emigrated from Plymouth, England to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in 1823.

The Seventh was at the Confederation Center box office where Anne of Green Gables - Charlottetown's original musical

The eight was on a upright Cannon in front of Cow's Canada's best Ice Cream
In 1860 Mr. Desbrisay had the cannon placed there on the corner with the muzzle pointed upwards and a flagstaff and the Union Jack placed therein in honour of the Prince of Wales Edward VII Visit to Charlottetown.

and the last mouse was at the base on the town clock at City hall


Darlene said...

Wow, Carol it looks like you guys had a great Mouse Hunt...thanks for the cute pics and the mini history lessons!


Carol said...

I know I think I was a teacher in a previous life! lol

Anonymous said...

What fun it was to read your blog today! I love PEI.... we camp at Cavendish almost every year, but it has been 3 years when life (new grandbabies in NH and Michigan) kept us from our PEI break. Reading your blog makes me miss it even more!

Barbara M.