Friday, September 11

I need your help

I been trying to find the pattern for this sweater set.
I brought my girls home from the hospital in. It would be an older pattern, probably 25 years old ?

If you have any idea please let me know.

Thank you xoxo


Anonymous said...


Row 2, 3rd from the left? Hard to tell if it's the same, because you can't enlarge the photo at all...
I know the book itself isn't from the right time frame, but they're "heirloom" patterns, so I thought they might be older ones. I'm going to keep looking though!


Anonymous said...

Me again!

This shows a better view of the same sweater (2nd row, first picture) There's more rows of the lace in the yoke on this one than yours though.


CelticCastOn said...

did you check leisurearts website, they have a bunch of old patterns available as pdfs.

Carol said...

Thanks Missy, xoxo

Carol said...

Now to find the book!

Anonymous said...

I'm back :) I found the Ravelry page for it... maybe someone who's made it can hook you up with a copy of the pattern



Carol said...

Thanks again Missy you're the best! :)