Tuesday, October 27

too busy to knit!

 It's been a busy week, Dylan seems to be settling in well, I have him on a pretty good schedule that works well for us. I'm still getting my walks in, and he seems to enjoy them, I bundle him up nice and warm and we walk for about an hour each day.
Cari has noticed a big change in his sleeping patterns, for the first time he has begun to sleep the whole night through. He even has two naps for me during the day.
 I forgot just how demanding babies can be,when he's up, he demands all my attention. (No time for knitting, yet!) I'll have to find time to knit soon though, I have to make two pairs of Newfie Mitts, that I promised to knit for someone.
Cari is taking Thursday off to get Dylan's booster shots and I've decided to get the flu shot, for the first time in my life. They're recommending people with newborns should get it!  We have two babies to think of, so why chance it??? right???
Well someone is up and ready for lunch so gotta go!


Anonymous said...

I think its wonderful that you are able to watch your grandson! My Mom and family are out of state sadly. Its smart to get the flu shot to protect the newborns. They cant get theirs until they are at least 6 months and the herd immunity will protect them.

Haley said...

My husband got his for the first time when our boys were babies. It's nice that you are doing that for your grandsons. Sorry to hear you haven't had time to knit, but I'm glad you and Dylan are doing so well together. Schedules and naps are always good things!

Darlene said...

Hey Carol, I got my first flu shot this year as well. I am working with the public more this year and thought it was a good idea! I am making a pair of newfie mitts too and I give you the credit for showing me the great pattern I use..Thanks Carol...Glad you and Dylan are getting along so good! Make sure you have your knitting handy for naptimes!
Peace and Blessings