Saturday, November 28

and so it begins...

Tonight is Charlottetown's Santa Claus parade, This will be little Dylan and Jacob's First Christmas parade, lets hope the rain holds off! Right now it is beautiful out...50 degrees and sunny,

Hubby and I are going to start the grandson's Christmas shopping this morning, And I have no idea what to get the babies???,
Nate,on the other hand is easy to shop for, anything Car's related,and he's a happy boy.

I know it early but I think I might put up the tree when we get home from shopping.
It's a five year old artificial tree kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, but once it's decorated it looks pretty! I'll post pictures so you can see what I mean,

In knitting news... I ripped the slippers off the needles yesterday, I couldn't stand the feel of that yarn any longer! If I get the chance to stop by Leisure World today I might pick up some real chunky yarn, and knit them up with that!
I casted on another hat, This one is called Oribiter and can be found in a patons beehive booklet #98, Family Headwear and Scarves 17 patterns for hats, scarves, men, women, children . I'm not sure it's still in print? I bought my copy back in the 80's. If you can find a copy, I'd recommend you buy it. Over the years I made quite a few hats from this book, But I never made this one. The earflaps are made with a seed stitch,The little cable pattern on the hat is worked by knitting into the back of the second stitch then into the front of first stitch on the left hand needle, and slipping them both off at the same time.I love doing new knitting techniques, makes for a fun knit.

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Shelley said...

Our Santa Claus parade was last night too. It rained here and was chilly. I didn't go though, but I did see a lot of it on TV.