Saturday, November 21

Christmas Traditions...

We all have them, in our family, we hang the outside lights the last Saturday in November, we get together on the second Saturday in Decemember and do the Christmas baking,
If we're having a real tree, we put it up on the weekend before my birthday, Christmas eve at Kelli and Mike's, Boxing day creamed turkey, and I usually start my Christmas shopping on the Saturday following my daughter's birthday,
but this year we've decided to try something new, what with our little family increasing in
numbers we thought it would be a good idea to start a new tradition and draw names for our
gift exchange. We put a $50 limit on each gift, It's more fun to focus in on a few gifts rather than trying to buy for everyone.
We were going to keep it a secret as to who's name we picked, but we pretty much figured it out, I lucked out and got Hubby's name, old spice, Timex watch and slippers done, haha.
Nana and Granddad will still give to the kiddies, of course! and Santa will still fill everyone's stockings, we've just taken the most stressful part of the holidays out, and we'll focus of the fun stuff!
I finished a Tam for Taylor, and made another one to be gifted as Birthday gift,

oh and I just started this cute hat for the babies, looks like a fun knit,and the pictures on flickr are absolutely gorgeous.
Perhaps I'll give these hats to Santa and he can put them in the stockings?

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Rebecca said...

I like your Christmas tradition plan!