Sunday, December 27


Many many years ago, I made my Hub a balaclava,I made it with 100% Acrylic Lady Fair Sayelle Knitting Worsted (remember that stuff)? He wore that thing every year, as soon as the mercury would drop below freezing, he'd dig it out.
Now this hat is not the most flattering hat you can wear,not by a long shot, but it is very practical, especially for Canadian winters.

Well last year when he went to get his balaclava out of the winter box, he couldn't find it, he drove me crazy all last winter, begging me to knit him another, even though I made him a very handsome "Turn A Square" hat, He wanted a balaclava, it was the only thing he asked for this year. So I caved in, and made him another one for Christmas,I work on it whenever he wasn't around, so he had no idea I was making it! It was a complete surprise!

Pattern- Helmet, Patons beehive gifts and accessories #148
Needles-3.75 mm
Yarn-Patons classic wool

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