Thursday, January 14


The grandsons are doing wonderful!

Dylan is being a typical 9 month old! yep he's keeping us busy!
♥ My busy Dylan♥

Jacob is showing his personalty now! Full of smiles and big belly laughs,
♥ My little Jakey♥

Nate is a huge help, always asking for things to help me with!
♥ Awesome big brother Nate♥
Have I told you how much I'm enjoying being a Nana!!! I love My grandsons!!!

In knitting news not much to report, I finished the back and started the front! I'm enjoying the front about 100 time more than the back.
I'm only averaging 5 rows a day, I'm hoping this weekend, I'll find time, to do some serious knitting on the sweater!


CelticCastOn said...

what beautiful big eyes jacob has!! I can't believe dylan is nine months either.

Becky said...

Your grandsons are precious!

Maryse said...

Hi Carol! Happy New Year! Your grandsons are adorable! The little sweater you are making will be super cute! Enjoy the cables!

Rebecca said...

How precious! What adorable little boys!