Friday, February 12

This is it!!!

Well this is it...only a few hours to go before the Vancouver Olympics, Opening Ceremonies!and the start of the knitting Olympics/ravelympics... Yes, I've signed up for both. I hope everyone is ready to cast on for their events, I know I am! the only knitting that I've done this past week was finishing the kris-knit kal and 2 washcloths for Cari.(who always seems to need more)

My Knitting Olympics project is the basic sock monkey and I hope to make 2 projects for the ravelympics...Ellie and the baby monkey wish me luck cause I really want to bring home the gold!!! lol


Maryse said...

Good luck! Have fun! I'll be knitting Monkey socks too! Here in Montreal, cast on time is 9PM. I'll be ready!!!

Haley said...

i got a late start as i had plans for the early evening, but got some knitting done. it's going slowly and i don't think there is anyway i can get this sweater done in time. oh well. i will keep trying.