Sunday, April 11

What's on your needles?

Is it just me, or do you find it hard to knit this time of year? other than a few washcloths and a baby bonnet, I have lost the ambition to knit. nothing seems to appeal to me, and it's driving me nuts I need a project...soon!
What's on your needles? anything interesting? come on... inspire me!


Heidi said...

Believe it or not, an octopus--a baby gift for a friend.

Maryse said...

I was just thinking that normally, the same would occur to me at this time of the year, but no... I think I'm on for socks and mittens and I should knit for friends expecting babies!!! Hope this will inspire you!

sarah said...

Short Lucky by Thea Coleman. I love this pattern. So well written.

Anonymous said...

several things:

noro striped scarf
bubba's sweater
tumms the hippo
2nd stuplen mitten

a high maintenance 2 year old is keeping me from knitting. and with the 2nd coming in may. i probably wont get much knittin done.

Darlene said...

Hey Carol, I am actually wanting to cast-on more everyday! I am making the Brea Bag and its really fast. I am also finishing up a few WIP that have been sitting way to long!