Sunday, May 2

Knitting again...

well I'm knitting again, but I was forced into it by my sister Linda, she bought the yarn and asked if I'd make a few jungle animals toys for her soon-to-be granddaughter... so here is what I've been working on...Gerry Giraffe
This pattern was not a fun knit and I will never be knitting it again!
it's knitted on two needles, so there's a lot of seaming, and a huge amount of duplicate stitch,for the spots, which I modified a lot!There's holes in the neck,that are covered by the scarf. and the scale just doesn't match the rest of the toys in the book!

Now Leo was the complete opposite, he's a real charmer and is turning out better than expected,I'm not even finished and I already want to make another, yea!!! I want to knit!!!

Gerry Giraffe,by Patons, Patons #500875, Monkey Business
Needle- 3.75 mm
Yarn-Patons 1 skein Classic Wool

Pattern-Leo Lion by Patons #500875, Monkey Business
Needle-3.75 mm dpns
Yarn-Patons Classic Wool
Colorway-sesame and brown


Darlene said...

Carol, glad to have you back in the Knitting world! The Lion does look very cute!!

Claire said...

I'm in the process of knitting Gerry Giraffe myself and I'm experiencing problems that maybe u can clarify for me....I'm up to the "Shape Body" portion of the giraffe and after completing the fifth row, it says that I should have 60 stitches remaining instead of the previous 62. Now maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but from my limited knitting knowledge, it doesn't seem that that would r the directions:

5th row: K1. K2tog. K26. (Inc 1 st in next st) twice. K26. ssk. K1. 60 sts rem.

After following these directions, shouldn't I have the same number of stitches I started the row with?

Carol said...

@ Claire...
on the purl rows you dec 2 sts.
rows 2-4-6-8-(p1 p2tog p to last 3. p2 tog p1.
Gerry Giraffe was my least favourite of the patterns in this book and I don't think I make it again! Good luck with yours!