Wednesday, June 23

Hair Raising Headband

When I saw this headband I knew I had to make it for Kelli She's a big fan of headbands.

Project-Hair Raising Headband by Lion Brand Yarn
Needle- 5.0 mm
Yarn-Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids
Colorway-country green

A great little project to work on during a hot summer day at the beach!I made this one in a little over an hour!

Edit to add three more made with
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids- Stonewashed,Indigo,Blue Jeans


Maryse said...

It's super cute! Is it seed stitch?

Carol said...

Thanks Maryse it is seed stitch, you can whip these up in an hour I'm now on my 3rd!

Anonymous said...

love the headband and awesome picture of kelli


Kelli said...

I love them Mom! I think maybe next time you make them you should go a little smaller, they have already stretched a little on me, and I for some reason like them a little tighter! By the way you new blog design looks great!

Carol said...

Thanks for the advice Kelli I made them 21" maybe I should go down to 20"??? I love the new blogger layouts too, so many designs it hard to pick one and stick with it! lol!