Friday, October 1

Bar Harbor Hoodie #3

Nate's Bar Harbor Hoodie by Amanda Scheuzger
    Needle and yarn
    US 6 - 4.0 mm
    US 7 - 4.5 mm
    4 skeins = 840.0 yards (768.1m)

    1 skeins = 210.0 yards (192.0m)
    Barn Red
    A big thanks to Nate for being such a good sport and modeling this for me on a very warm day here (89.6 Fahrenheit today October 1 on PEI very strange!)


    CelticCastOn said...

    awww he looks smashing but what happened to little Nate, he's all grown up!

    Maryse said...

    Nate has so much grown up! Wow! Lovely hoodie! Great model!

    Carol said...

    I know! he is such a big boy now!

    peigirl said...

    omgoshhhhhhh just love the sweater and what a very handsome model !!