Saturday, October 30

Happy Halloween

On the First weekend of October we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our Halloween Jack- O' lanterns!

Finally Last night the Family got together for our annual Jack o lantern carving party. We had a lot of fun a some pretty interesting lanterns were crafted...

The fun part gutting the pumpkins...

Here they are...

1. aching bones!

2.Hannibal Lantern
3. Miss Spider

4. Vampire Eric
5. Jack
6. ohhh gooo!
Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone has a safe night!


Maryse said...

Great pumpkins and looking forward to seeing your Bella's mittens (I saw a glimpse on Ravelry!) Have a safe Halloween! (like your new banner!)

Carol said...

Thanks Maryse!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful family! Happy Halloween!

peigirl said...

what wonderful memories the boys will have to tell their children,
the pumkins are awesome love the pictures!!!

lov ya