Sunday, March 6

Dylan's Birthday Sweater

we had a fantastic weekend here the temp warmed up and the snow is melting fast! I'm keeping an eye on the basement and it is still dry!

On Friday I casted on Dylan's Birthday sweater, I know it's a little more than a month away, but I wanted to make sure I'd be done in time for his party!
Seeing that he's really into dinosaurs, I thought I'd knit him a Dino sweater! I found a chart for a brontosaurus!( Hubby says "it looks more like an elephant") but as long as Dylan recognizes it as a "Saur!"I'm happy!

I'm using an simple pullover pattern from Family Circle- Easy Knitting, Winter 2002- project 29 in size 4 . Using 2 shades of green! Patons Canadiana Dark green tea and Cedar green
I opted to use a duplicate stitch, I had enough of intarsia with Nate's hockey sweater to last me a lifetime!

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