Thursday, June 9

knitting out of necessity

I'm running low on dishcloths... again!!!, so I challenged myself to knit 1 cloth a day for the next 7 days so far so good... 3 days 3 cloths!  this is my favourite dish/wash cloth Pattern.
using the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids that I bought for the Kris Knits kal (still wondering what happen to the kal ???)


Maryse said...

Sorry about the silly question but these are used to wash the dishes? I guess so, due to their names, but it does not seem right to me to wash the dishes with something that is hand knitted! Anyway, have a great weekend!

Carol said...

Yep! they're dish cloths, and they're great! I also have a set of them in my bathroom colours we use them as facecloths!