Thursday, July 21

It has been a while

it has been one crazy summer so far...I'm looking forward to a change in the weather and going to the beach more. I can't believe it's the 21st and I've only been there once! BAD's been cold and rainy most of the summer. GOOD NEWS... I've had lots of time to knit...

I made another Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater , this one in pink,.using Baby Jacquards florals *rosebud* a cool yarn from Bernat,
The sweater only used up about 2/3 of the skein I had more than enough to make a hat to match.
Aviatrix baby hat.
and believe it or not I still have enough yarn to make a pair of booties, Yes, I am still under the impression,that Bubbakins is a girl, lol. Well there is a 50% chance, right?


Deb said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! OMG! I love how you took such a basix sweater pattern & jazzed it up by using Bernat's Baby Jacquards florals yarn! What a nice touch! I may have to try this.

What a nice gift for the baby & Mom.

Carol said...

thanks Deb

Paula said...

That's adorable! I made a sweater too small & had to frog it. How's that for backwards progress? grrr.

Maryse said...

Really pretty knits! I wasn't aware that the summer wasn't as good as here now in the East. We've had a very slow start in Quebec but now the weather is just A.MA.ZING (with a French accent of course)!

Deb said...

Hi Carol,

Could you please guide me with this sweater? The directions say:

"Work even, keeping button bands and working buttonholes where needed.
Work additional decorative rows (see rows 10-13) near the bottom of the sweater, incorporating 5th buttonhole in garter stitch border, to match neck"

How long do I "work even"? How long should the length of the sweater be from the neck to the bottom of the sweater, and how long should the sleeves be?

Thanks for any help. Everyone keeps saying how easy these patterns are, but I'm stuck here.

Carol said...

Well Deb you're right the pattern is vague I made the sweater to fit a new born so the body is 5 inches from the underarm and the sleeves are 3" from the underarms from the neck to the bottom is 9" I hope this helps you