Monday, October 10

Happy Thanksgiving

What a weekend!!! the weather is spectacular, the sun has been shining and the temperatures are in the mid 20's/76 degrees.

We spent Saturday driving through the countryside, in the morning we stopped by Wintermoor Orchard to pick apples... 17lbs of apples! so there will be a lot of applesauce being made!

 on the way to the pumpkin patch we drove past Veseys Seeds and notice it was the annual Giant pumpkin weigh-off, so we just had to drop in and check it out! and oh my, what an event  it was! there was the weigh off, hayrides, a field full of hay for the kids to have a giant hay-fight, games, pumpkin carving and a barbecue, it was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. The boys had a blast!

then to end the day off,  we went to Pater's pumpkin patch to get the pumpkins for our Jack-o-lantern carving contest, we may have left it a little too late there weren't many left, but we managed to find some nice looking ones!
We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


Maryse said...

These photos are amazing! Automn is such a lovely season!

Paula said...

Sounds like you had a fun day! Happy belated thanksgiving! Do you have Turkey?